Portfolio Website


I made a website that presents an interactive version of my resume


Final Video Project

This is my final video project. For this project I used Adobe Premiere and took interviews of students at Furman University and also students from other universities about their TV watching habits specifically highlighting the wide spread use of instant TV and how it has become a norm in the lives of Americans.

Billboard Design

Billboard Design 101

One of the best ways to make almost anything easier to grasp in a hurry is to follow already existing conventions for example the stop sign. All around the world they are shaped the same way and no matter what the language written on the sign is in everyone will know what it mean. Also then comes the color. Stop lights are all red, so are stop signs, off buttons, do not enter, pretty much to stop doing anything is the color red, making it easier for people all around the world to understand what is meant by that symbol.

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Don’t Make Me Think

“Don’t make me think” Krug’s first law of usability. This means that when a user goes to open a page there should not be any questioning involved, everything available to the user should be self explanatory. The essence of this rule is just to eliminate the question marks, as the creator you should take into consideration all of the questions a user might ask and make all functions on the website or app applicable so that the user is never confused as to what to do next or how to do what they got on the site to accomplish in the first place.

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Finding Vectors in my Classmates Slideshows

These are some pictures that I took out of classmates slideshow project that utilize vectors to help convey meaning in their respective slideshows.

In the first photo the lines on the ground create a good z vector giving the photo a lot of dimension and the appearance of being in 3-D.

screenshot 2_edited-1


In this photo there is a motion veto portraying movement throughout the photo taken downtown Greenville.



Slideshow Project

This is my slide show project. With this I am highlighting the dependency and frequency that instant TV is used in our daily lives. I start out with pictures in black and white before screen were there to distract us. First we hang out with friends and play cards, read, sip coffee on the porch, and play games. This it transitions to color and all we do is stare at screen and get the answers that we want instantly. Through the morning news, using youtube to facilitate understanding in the classroom, watching Netflix with friends on Friday night, watching recorded TV, using Hulu as a study break, watching sports live even when you aren’t near your home teams broadcasting area, youtube for homework help, HBO GO etc. I also included a pic of how now how TV is interactive and included the live tweeting hashtag for the Shonda Rhimes shows on Thursday nights, also buying TV, music and movies instantly on iTunes.

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